Educación en el Siglo XXI – Paradigmas en revolución

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“Mobile & Social Learning”: próximo Informe Especial | 15 Video Learning

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(Enero 2012) El equipo de LEARNING REVIEW se encuentra trabajando en el Informe Especial n° 16, el cual tendrá como foco el aprendizaje móvil y social.



When Will Blended Learning Be Mainstream?

By María Teresa Gambino

As scary as it may seem, blended learning has come to stay. According to Mr. Rudi’s predictions, by the year 2015 blended learning – with all kinds of digital tools incorporated to a large degree) will have become mainstream in education. The question is: how ready are we to welcome the upcoming of such a trend?

And from there onwards, questions rise as in a chain reaction

Will the digital gap have been bridged by then, or at least narrowed?

 What about educators’ reactions to this new reality which, for many, will have arrived uninvited, without prior notice?

How will beliefs adapt to the new paradigm?

Unfortunately, answers are not up to the degree of uncertainty at the moment. All we can do is get ready, get trained, be open-minded and develop new trends of thought, novel perspectives that will let us live up to the demands of a new educational scenario.


Twitter and Your Online Class | Online College Tips – Online Colleges

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By Melissa Venable A 2010 study�conducted by Faculty Focus found that more than a third (35%) of the 1400 higher education professionals surveyed…


150 herramientas gratuitas para crear materiales educativos con tics | Humano Digital por Claudio Ariel Clarenc

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más de 150 sitios con herramientas didácticas gratuitas para crear materiales educativos online Generadores de cuadernos, libros y p…


Herramientas de autor y aplicaciones web gratuitas

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Via – Imprescindibles: 5 herramientas en línea para mostrar información de una manera entretenida Lista comentada de herramientas didácticas gratuitas que permiten practicar…


How Video Games Are Changing Education

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There is no denying the fact that the brain as ahuman organ hasundergone physiological and functional changes throught he use of technilogy. There have appeared new ways of configurating ideas, thoughts, ways of reasoning and approaching and building knowledge. Video games, as fascinating as they are for children – and others!, have come to stay, leaving a stamp that digital immigrants cannot ignore. Well… there’s the challenge. Let us seet to work.

María Teresa Gambino


Emotions And Learning: Part I: The eLearning Coach @elearningcoach

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Cognitive scientists define emotions as powerful, usually short-lived experiences that are a reaction to a specific stimulus. As part of the human evolutionary legacy, emotions arise from a rapid appraisal of an object or event’s significance in order to prepare us for action—similar to an alert system.

Emotions not only increase our general awareness and help us adapt to changes in an unpredictable environment, but they also

===> facilitate social communication and interaction. <===


That’s because we read the emotions of others through their facial expressions, bodily postures, gestures and tone of voice.